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Silvertip’s 50/50

Join us in cheering on the Hawks and Silvertips on February 18th at Angel of the Winds Arena. The 10U and 12U teams, along with their families, will be managing the 50/50 raffle. Additionally, they’ll have the exciting opportunity to go on the ice during the Silvertips’ chuck-a-puck event. Your support means a lot to us!

Registration Now Open!!

The Marysville Hawks are seeking teams that, after a demanding season, are eager to participate in an enjoyable round-robin tournament held in a single day. The event will feature concessions (including the renowned Cedar Burger), merchandise, trophies, and rings—all available for just $350 per team.

Marysville Little League Registration Now Open!!

The Marysville Hawks have consistently expressed our commitment to being as supportive of Little League as possible. Join us in backing Little League and sign up today!

Core Value

The central objective of Marysville Hawks Baseball is to provide a high-quality program tailored to the needs of local baseball players and their families, all while remaining accessible and affordable for everyone.

Sponsors & Partners

We thank our sponsors and partners in your support of Marysville Hawks Baseball

Fundraising & Events

In order to lessen the initial financial burden on families, we offer a variety of fundraising opportunities. These initiatives not only help alleviate costs but also enable the team to contribute back to the players and their families.


We have partnered with the Everett Silvertips in running a couple of 50/50 Raffle’s for the upcoming 2023/2024 season.

Please come and support the Hawks on February 18th.

Poker Night

Fun night for a Texas Hold Em’ Tournament. bringing the hawks family’s together along with our supporters with a fun event. Merch, door prizes and more…

Are staff are planning an event soon with more details to come.


The Hawks will be hosting a raffle where a $10 ticket could transform into hundreds of dollars in gift cards. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity!

More Information Coming Soon

Strawberry Sprint

Celebrate Baseball with a Twist! Join the excitement of a 4-team round robin tournament hosted at Cedar Field. Experience the thrill as each game unfolds in just 3 innings.

Rules & Regulations